Self Storage Tip #9– Pack ‘n Stack

You’ve just rented a beautiful storage unit to temporarily house your valuable possessions. Of course you’re going to want to make the most of the space you’re paying for, and that usually means stacking boxes to the ceiling. After all, not using all that space seems like a waste of money.

But before you go gung ho with stacking boxes, take a minute to consider the best way to do it. It seems obvious that heaviest boxes should go at the bottom, but you’d be surprised how many people stick a big old box of books on the top level. Then they are surprised when they return days, weeks or months later to discover their carefully arranged stacks have sunk under their own weight.

Make it easy on yourself by organizing before you start stacking. Build a solid base layer with your heaviest boxes, then decrease the weight as you build the height. At the end of the day, the fragile things in those lower boxes will thank you.

Oh, and don’t forget to keep a step-stool or small ladder in your storage unit, so you can safely and easily access those boxes at the top. Standing on your tip toes to reach usually ends in disaster – or at least a bump on the head.